Beware of falling victim to the Victim Mentality

It’s all about attitude. The mental attitude, regardless of the final goal will either assist you in getting there or hinders your growth. One of the most harmful mental attitudes that anyone can take is victim-mistrust.

What is the definition of victim-mentality?

The victim mentality is one of the most negative mental states. It blames others and the circumstances for any unhappy feelings that is felt within.” It’s the typical “point the finger away” scenario.

People who are victim-focused see the world through a strict set of negative thoughts, believing all that happens in the world can be attributed to external reasons. The inner reflection of the mind is not considered. Being a victim implies taking responsibility for their actions. They are not responsible for anything – never! The people who play victim usually appreciate the sympathy, attention and acceptance they receive from playing the “poor me” character.

If we are caught in the victimization cycle it becomes a focus on the vulnerability of us instead of the strength we have.

Although, nobody is born with a victim mentality but no one is exempt from the role of a victim as well. Sweet grandparents, caring parents and fathers who are well-intentioned teenagers, even those who are considered “spiritually awakened” are all able to live in this demoralizing world.

In reality, everyone alive has been the victim at least at least once in their life.

Victims wish to be mentally prepared for the worst . tragically, for those who are engrossed in victimhood, this self-defeating behaviour becomes more evident even when everything seems to be going in their favor since they’re certain “disaster will be waiting just on the other side of the road.”

How can one overcome this self-defeating “poor me” kind of programming that is pessimistic the majority of which was created and adopted by an infant?

It all starts at home, with the way you perceive yourself and how you view yourself. Do you see yourself as a survivor or victim?

The survivors embrace life and move with the flow of life. They are in the moment and control their lives. They know that they are the sole ones responsible for the events that happen. When they accept the responsibility for their own lives, they have the power to alter their lives.

Victims On their own, wallow in self-pity, and fight and fight back against life. They remain in the past and believe they cannot change the circumstances and avoid the responsibility. They are defensive and remain stuck in the past, never realizing their potential because their thoughts that they are in power.

The price of victimization is significant. It has a negative impact on every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. People who consider themselves to be being a failure are living in victimhood since failure only happens to those who are not willing to give up.

If we would like to change our the mindset of victimhood, we must first acknowledge the issue. It is impossible to alter what we don’t own. We need to change our mindset and recognize that “change starts at home with me.” We need to embrace survival and make to take steps… regardless of how insignificant or small they might seem at the moment towards achieving the desired goal that we wish towards.

The most important thing is to constantly empower ourselves using “I will” as well as “I can” statements, and stop degrading “I don’t” or “I will not” statements and opinions.

We must also accept gratitude as the most positive of all attitudes. Each day, we should contemplate for a while the things that make us feel happy, and on everything that is positive in our lives. Focusing our attention on positive things helps stop the the victim-sense.

At the very end of it all, we have to be able to treat us with the same level of love and respect we give to others. Only then can our thoughts and actions be able to shift from victimhood and back into survival mode.

The truth is that we cannot influence the actions of others or the way that events show on our daily lives. However, we do determine how we respond to these events. It’s not necessary to become victimized. It’s a choice. Whatever comes in our direction, we need to consider it as an opportunity and not as an excuse.

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“You yourself, as well than anyone else in the universe, are worthy of admiration and love.”

– Gautama Buddha

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