Best All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Lunches In Sydney!

Why choose one when you could have a multitude? It’s not a dating article, but rather an attempt to guide you through the best buffet lunches available in Sydney! If you’re someone who loves food eating out, a buffet that is all-you-can-eat is the perfect way to try a variety of cuisines from all over the world in one bite. Buffets are highly sought-after dining option even though they cost more than a typical dinner at a restaurant.

Sydney as a melting-pot for culture makes it a wonderful city for foodies and food, which is why the food courts here stocked with cuisines from all over the globe. The seafood lovers are satisfied as buffets provide a wide range of choices of prawns, crabs, squid and even oysters that have been freshly shucked and oysters, which you can eat until you’re full!

This is some of the most popular restaurants in Sydney which offer good lunch buffets. You should stick to the breakfast of toast or coffee for those who really are looking to make the most of your money!

Cafe Opera

In the Sydney CBD, Cafe Opera is part of the InterContinental Hotel and is renowned in the area for their delicious seafood menu. Offering a wide variety of fresh seafood One of the most important features that the food buffet offers is “grilled fish of the week’. Other seafood options include crab, squid, and salmon that are prepared in different food styles from around the globe. Protein choices are also available such as poultry and pork. A variety of seafood options are waiting at the cold menu, including smoking salmon, tiger prawns and rock oysters, mussels Octopus, and more. Sashimi and sushi choices will also be available. Desserts include various fruits as well as chocolates, cheeses and other desserts. The Buffet lunch on Sundays is followed by live Jazz and sparkling wine for free.

Magistic Dinner Cruise Buffet

Do you want to take a lunch buffet sailing on Sydney Harbour? This Magistic Sydney Harbour lunch cruise provides a great value for your price. It offers a variety of meals that include seafood choices of fresh prawns as well as baked fish, in addition to many meat-based dishes. Vegetarians will not be dissatisfied because there are plenty of choices for them to enjoy their meals. There is no meal that is complete without dessert, and there are chocolate cakes, tiramisu and much more! To add to the dining experience of your lunch break is the cruise venue, a million-dollar luxurious catamaran from which you can see The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in person.

Harvest Buffet at The Star

A buffet fit to a royal feast and the Harvest Buffet is a feast for the senses, with an international selection of food. From traditional roasts made of beef, pork as well as fish fillets and chicken to Indian dishes such as biryani and butter chicken, Asian meat dishes and Pad Thai, as well as traditional Italian Cannelloni pizzas. selection is varied. From Thursday through Sunday, there’s a fresh seafood buffet that includes an extravagant selection of oysters, prawns and crabs, as well as mussels seafood, sushi, and much more. A buffet without dessert is not complete. dessert. You can choose not just one, but three fountains of chocolate (for milk, white, or dark) and a myriad of other options as well. Finish the meal with imported and local cheeses and fruits.

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